Candy Filled Pops/Magnum Pops

Candy Filled Pops/Magnum Pops

Candy Filled Pops/Magnum Pops
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Minimum order of 12 pieces (6 pieces for the Large ones). Small or Large available. Simple design will be only with sprinkles or drizzle with 3 colors maximum. Simple fillings will include vanilla, chocolate or birthday cake, chopped chocolate like Snickers, Twix, KitKat, Butterfinger, Hershey's, crushed Oreos, Nutella, M&Ms only. Elaborated designs will include decorations in fondant, images, or royal icing for an additional price. Elaborated fillings will include dry fruits or nuts, fruit jellies, cheesecake, coconut, brownies, etc. 

Mínimo para ordenar son 12 piezas (6 piezas para las grandes). Diseños simples solo incluyen grajeas o líneas con un máximo de 3 colores. Rellenos simples incluyen Snickers, Twix, KitKat, Butterfinger, Hershey's, Oreos destrozadas, Nutella, M&Ms solamente. Diseños elaborados incluyen decoraciones con fondant, royal icing o imágenes por un costo adicional. Rellenos elaborados incluyen frutas secas o nueces, jalea de frutas, cheesecakes, coco rayado, brownies, etc.

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